Jim Summey was born on the Blackfeet Indian reservation in Montana during the later part of the 50’s.  His father, a rancher, moved the family from Montana to California in the late 60’s where he met a friend in school who had a drum set for sale.  Jim mowed lawns and washed cars until he made enough money to purchase his first drum set.

“Summey” as his friends call him, plays Acoustic and Electronic drums in addition to Cajon and is sought after for his musical  talents on the Big Island.

He has played with names such as Sade, Seal, Mickey Thomas (lead singer for Jefferson Starship), Pat Travers, and members of Frank Zappa and Miles Davis’s band.

He was the drummer who replaced Vinnie Colaiuta in Ike Willis’s band.  It is at this level that “Summey” plays.  He is a drummer’s drummer.

Having played with Lava Rocks Band member Joe Conti since High School, the two of them have developed an almost psychic connection musically.  In the early 80’s, Jim and Joe both moved to the Big Island where they have played together with many of Hawaii’s top artists.

Jim married an Island girl several years ago, and the two of them enjoy their lives here in Kailua-Kona, HI.