Binti Bailey with HatBinti Bailey is a talented vocalist who also plays percussion and flute. She has a diverse musical skill set from blues to classical – jazz to rock and more.

Singing and performing since she was a very young child, Binti grew up listening to a wide range of music styles – from Pavarotti to Sam Cooke and beyond.  In addition to singing, she also plays percussion, flute, and keyboards.

Once you hear her sing, you will quickly see she has a diverse musical pallet and skill set.

Binti first met and played with Lava Rocks Band member Joe Conti at an ‘open mic’ session on the Big Island a couple of years ago.  It was obvious to Joe that she was not only talented and versatile, but also easy to work with and valuable addition for the Lava Rocks Band.



When Joe and Larry formed the Lava Rocks Band, Binti Bailey was the obvious choice for female lead vocalist.


In addition to singing and playing with the Lava Rocks Band, Binti is involved in theater productions and performances all over the island.